The Rules of the Competition

1. Participation is open to Finnish citizens and to all composers permanently resident in Finland. Each contestant may submit only one lied composition. There is no age limit.

2. The composition must be composed for voice and piano.

3. Song lyrics may be in Finnish, English, Swedish or German. Participants must ensure acquire the author’s and/or publisher's permission to use their chosen text. Likewise, if the text is a translation, permission to use IT must be acquired.

4. The complete composition may be maximum of eight (8) minutes long and can consist of one part or of many parts.

5. The composition must be unpublished and any performance or presentation before the finale is prohibited.

6. The first prize of the competition is 5000 euros. In addition to this there will be a 1500 euro "Einojuhani Rautavaara” special prize and possibly other ancilliary prizes.

7. The international jury of the competition will consist of four recognized representatives of their own fields: a composer, an author, a singer and a pianist. In the case of a tied vote, the vote of the chairman will be decisive.

8. The competition organizers reserve the rights to
a) premiere the compositions at the finale concert.
b) broadcast audio and video footage of the compositions performed at the finale concert on television, internet and radio and also to publish recordings of these.
c) any incidental filming and photography.
Yle Radio 1 will record the entire finale concert.

9. The Yrjö Kilpinen Society reserves the right to take copies of scores for the judges, for the society itself and for third-parties in order to facilitate practice and performance of the songs at the finale. The copyright of the compositions remains with the composer.

10. The competition organizers reserve the right to make changes to these rules. The original language draft of these rules is in Finnish. Any disagreements that arise will be addressed by interpretation of the rules as written in the Finnish language. The rules (also) include the Conditions for Submitting the Competition Entry