Submitting the competition entry

The compositions are to be sent anonymously, using an alias to:

Yrjö Kilpinen-seura
Nervanderinkatu 9 A 12
00100 Helsinki

The competition entry must not reveal any credentials of the composer. Please state the name of the poet or author and where applicable, the name of the publication from which the text originates.

The competition deadline is September 15th 2017. The date on a postal stamp will suffice as evidence in last minute applications. Four (4) copies of the scores to be delivered either using notation software printouts or in CLEARLY LEGIBLE handwritten format.
A separate sealed letter containing the personal contact information of the contestant and the alias used must be included.

The jury will learn the identity of the composers only after the results of the competition have been decided. The composition scores sent to the competition will not be returned nor will the organizer refund any expenses incurred through participation in the competition.

The composers of the chosen pieces will be invited to attend the competition finale concert. In order to be eligible to receive a prize, the presence of the composer (or a representative appointed by the composer) at the final competition concert is manditory.